CULTURE MP3 - La voix exceptionnelle de Lara Fabian (video LIVE - Moscou 2005) - vlog
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La voix exceptionnelle de Lara Fabian (video LIVE - Moscou 2005) - vlog

* I Guess I Loved You (live en concert à Moscou en 2005) *

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Technorati probably is one of the most impressive "pop music" voices of our times. She can belt like crazy and the sound of her voice is so large, so strong that you wonder where does that voice really come from? Here she is singing "I Guess I Loved You" a song she wrote in moscow during her concert recently in 2005 !!! The audience in Moscow was totally marvelled by her amazing stage presence and her brilliance both in her attitude than in her passion and her voice! You be the judge, watch it! This song "I Guess I Loved You" is from her sophomore all-in-English album "A Wonderful Life". I would have titled it "A Wonderful Voice". lol

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laraDOMus [LFIAG Forums] : "In the forum below, you will find a link to download the video also.Lara gave here an cool live rendition of the song "No Big Deal" and though it's not like the most amazing powerful song rendition of it, you can see she's having fun A LOT singing it!For "I Guess I Loved You" (live in Moscow) : [CLICK HERE]"

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