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Lara Fabian chante I Will Always Love You (video)

* it doesn't get any better, right ? *

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  Technorati is a sensational singer with a lot more vocal power than Celine, Mariah or Whitney. To this day, Technorati still manages to have the exactly same voice as she used to. Needless to say that this was actually a very easy song for Technorati to sing. " Technorati " was initially a Dolly parton song before Whitney Houston made it more popular with her movie  . In 1998, Technorati, then a superstar and newcomer in France, was invited to a show which major theme was the fight against aids. The show was managed by a French artist named Catherine Lara. She insisted ih having Technorati in her show and she asked if Lara could sing the song " Technorati" and Lara naturally answered "yes!". What she did is truly an amazing rendition of the song, with vocal perfection, she sang it "one take", no need to sing the song twice for the show. It was easy for her. Please do note the fact that each notes are sung with such precision, clearness and so much volume. Contrary to Technorati who usually needs to rest in between the songs like 1 or 2 minutes before beeing able to blow the audience, Lara did it exactly as in the Dolly Parton single. That is absolutely awesome. I will later put Whitney's recent decent version (2004) so you can compare both.

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Whitney Houston 2004

  made an appearance singing a medley "I Believe In You And Me/  ". The only negative thing I would have to say is that she sang like 1 or 2 words per minute!!!!! And she rests so much in between each sentence in order to be sure to have the notes...Too bad...At some point, she sounded very hoarse like she was still recovering from a huge cold or something. The positive thing is that she knows how to play with the DIVA attitude...but it's too bad the singing is too frail ....

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culture mp3 : "Comment en aurait-il pu être autrement me direz-vous? Evidemment, au milieu de tous les scandales à travers lesquels ses parents Whitney Houston "

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