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Lara Fabian's superiority | love medley (vlog)

* Chabada Show Quebec 1997 *

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Back in 1997, Technorati  lived in Quebec and was often invited at the Technorati in Montreal. For this special show that I'm showing you right here in video - hey!! this is actually my second Technorati uploaded! yess - people were able to call the show spontaneously and ask her to sing whatever they wanted. So here is the medley part when people actually call her on the phone and ask her to sing some of her songs: "je ne m'arrêterai pas d't'aimer" / "tout" / "si tu m'aimes" / "perdere l'amore" and "je suis malade". Her soul and her artistic expression is just so amazing and... have I mentioned she has the most powerful and most delicate voice in the world of pop? Plus she has class, something other terrible ex-divas like Technorati, Technorati or Technorati (though these are incredibly more successful - but who cares about money, sales, and glory? when did those things ever interfere with real art?) are seriously missing (and that is not the only thing they are missing! yes, I'm talking about the voice right here). None of those 3 screaming divas mentioned [LIRE LA SUITE | CONTINUE READING HERE]

...above were able to keep their voice in shape and the saddest thing is they all 3 lost it. Technoratiis so o-v-e-r, drugged, has-been and totally out of touch (she recently showed the world what she was capable of in Turino destroying her own songs live) and Technorati (besides having some of the weirdest, dumbest and undercultultured fans in the world / yes, she was very successful in the 90's because she was labelled as the one and only diva you can idolize when you have no taste and very approximative notions of music for she was selling top commercial unsophisticated "music" in CD pack, at a pace of 3 or 4 cds per year! Imagine the joy of all those little people who suddenly had something they could understand and adore! wow!) is just the perfect illustration of the word "has-been" with that nasal voice and that desperately-needing-plastic-surgery-right-now-face. Only Technorati  still reigns as a queen of the US billboard charts (she's not doing that well outisde the US), her voice in the album "The Emancipation of Mimi" is still enjoyable but, when it comes to live performances, mimi's the Queen Of Miming. The only thing I could say about Mariah is that -besides the fact she too has lost her voice partially- she's trying too hard to compete in the playboy-bimbo trend, a trend she despised a few years ago saying stuff like "I have a powerful voice so I rely my artistry on that only and I will never show some skin or get naked to sell records". I can't wait until Mariah is 45 years old because then she will be forced to focus more on her artistry then on her (weird) body. Anyway, Technorati's only problem is that she has no idea of what management and marketing is, plus she's a little bit stubborn, artistically speaking: she only does what she feels is right and what she likes and does not pay attention to what people enjoy in music nowadays or what's so hype at the moment if you want to sell a lot of records. Plus she writes her own material (music and lyrics) when others rely on famous composers or on famous rappers / multi featuring technique. And that is why, to me, she's in the same trend as people like Janet Jackson, Barbra Streisand or Madonna or Sade or Cecilia Bartoli: she follows her own instincts and never compromises. maybe she will never have the success she deserves, but that's ok with me. I do not pay attention or have any kind of consideration for sales, number of singles which went to the number one position in each and each country. I only care about art, sincerity and strong (vocal) personality. So what if Technorati will never be a 50 million records sold singer? Fine. Perfectly fine. I can live with that. She's a 12 million records singer/composer/writer and that's really ok. Now, I must say, I never really was a fan of divas or powerful voices simply because I grew up listening to Dinah Washington, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sade, Michael Jackson and Madonna as a kid. When you look at my radioblog over here (in the right margin right here), you will see which kind of music I really do enjoy: , , Technorati, , , , , , etc etc. You get the point? I enjoy sophisticated trip-hop music, it has always been there inside of me and I never really got the chance to share it with people because the last 5 years, I was too involved with the creation of my forum devoted to a specific genre in music (the really commercial pop/r&B type of music) and Madonna, Technorati, Streisand, Mariah Carey and a few others are the rare pop/adult contemporary singers my ears can tolerate. Aside from that I don't really care. Now that I have a blog and the knowledge of new blog-technologies (radioblog, podcasting, videoblogging etc) I can now work on something that is more me that my forum LFIAG. Anyway, enjoy the Chabada show with Miss Fabian!

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