CULTURE MP3 - Lara Fabian sings CARUSO (video | Vlog) : just a-ma-zing !
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Lara Fabian sings CARUSO (video | Vlog) : just a-ma-zing !

* Chabada Show, Quebec, 1997 *

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  Technorati has covered the classic Italian song "" so many times since she started her career in Quebec that it sorta became one of her signature songs! Half Sicilian, half Belgian, Miss Fabian speaks fluently 4 languages and that includes Italian of course! This is one of her memorable rendition of Caruso at the Chabada Show back in 1997 in Quebec. Vocally and emotionally, she's probably the best female vocalist of her generation and contrary to her peers, she has NOT lost her voice at all, and would you believe, she sings even better today than she used to!

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