CULTURE MP3 - Lara Fabian sings "Something Stupid" (French Version) vlog
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Lara Fabian sings "Something Stupid" (French Version) vlog

* virtual duet with Sacha Distel (1933 - 2005) *

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Italian-Belgian-French-Canadian singer Lara Fabian Technorati  sang "" (French version for Something Stupid, the classic from Frank Sinatra - revitalized by Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman's version - ) with the first French singer who covered that famous song in French back in the 80's :  . This segment was part of a French TV show in which singers were able to sing with dead (lol!!!) singers through a virtual duet thanks to producer Gérard Pullicino on TF1 channel. It's very soft, enjoy ! (ps: Technorati is drop-dead gorgeous!)

Mise à jour : Mardi 8 Août 2006, 13:49

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