CULTURE MP3 - Lara sang "Angels" (by Sarah Mac Lachlan) - live VLOG
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Lara sang "Angels" (by Sarah Mac Lachlan) - live VLOG

* 3rd album in English required. *

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This is too good. She needs to record a third album in English right now. Thank you to "tête de loup" to have recorded this. This was sung tonight in the "around the guitar" concert and for the second time she sang that song plus l'envie d'aimer from the musical "les 10 commandements" and that too was powerful. More videos on my forum, section [laradom]. Here is "L'envie d'Aimer" by Technorati:

Mise à jour : Mardi 8 Août 2006, 16:59

le critikeur le 24.02.06 à 19:27 dans music news

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