CULTURE MP3 - Madonna announces Summer Tour @ the Ellen DeGeneres Show (video | VLOG)
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Madonna announces Summer Tour @ the Ellen DeGeneres Show (video | VLOG)

* watch the whole show here *

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Yes, yesssssss, Technorati is back on tour this summer with her " Technorati ". It's now perfectly confirmed since the Queen of Pop dance announced it on the   show right after her Grammy Night performance of Hung Up. Watch the whole Ellen Show, it's kinda funny. Ellen is kinda replacing Rosie O'Donnell as she is as fierce, wild and raw as Rosie. I can't wait for Madonna to do her show because she's such a perfectionnist at doing tours. From the settings to the costumes, from the "mise en scène" to the choreography (Jamie King is back with Madonna, and I know he's gonna do some great stuff)...Madonna is the undisputed queen of concerts/shows. Gay & lesbian icon can just sit her ass and bow. Now, this time, as she said in another interview, Madonna wants to focus on the songs from this album "Confessions On A Dance Floor". There will not be a lot of her old famous songs. Probably she will add dance tunes like "Everybody" or "Holiday". She said she wants to do a kind of show she has never done before!! So expect the unexpected!!! Yesssss!!!

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