CULTURE MP3 - Mariah Carey sang "I Will Always Love You" @ Jay Leno Show yesterday (podcast)
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Mariah Carey sang "I Will Always Love You" @ Jay Leno Show yesterday (podcast)

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Technorati made a totally surprise appearance yesteday at the Gay Leno show on NBMc and she sang two songs for her upcoming 7th re-release of her constipated album which will be entitled "The Emancipation of Me, Myself and I plus Beyoncé". Yesterday she performed two exclusive songs, the first one is called "She'll never be MC" which is a new midtempo ballad aimed at all her young-wannabe-divette-competitors (Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Ashanti, Rihanna, etc): the song sounds really like a mix of and and is a sure-to-be-number-one-hit-single, it starts with a classic piano with those words: "when you left/ it's all about MC/ it's still so hard to believe/ please don't come back (baby)/ cuz you will never be me/ (rapper: MC!) Don't forget about Mimi (rapper: so successful yet so hungry, remimix baby!)/ She'll never be MC (rapper: dats right yo!)" and the song even has a triumphant sentence right in the middle of the chorus which proudly claims: "No my name ain't Honey, it's mimi, Miss MC if you're muffin". Then asked about Turino and Whitney's performance, she quietly said: "I worked with Mrs Bobby Brown a long time ago on the Prince Of Egypt, it was all so hectic [...] very difficult to sing with her cuz she wanted to kiss me all the time (laugh), anyway, I think she needs to retire from the business right now" then Jay Leno asked her to sing one of Whitney's songs she likes the most and Mariah said "i've always loved I Will Always Love You, I sing it to myself every morning in front of the mirror, wanna hear how it goes?" , Gay Leno was like : "yeahh sure!" so Miss MC sang this:

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le critikeur le 28.02.06 à 08:19 dans listen (or get out)

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The best artist femal of all time

Oh c méchan lol Mariah Carey c'est ma chanteuse préférée ! je ladore ! g tou ses albums, o Moins 15 milliars de vidéo et foto delle bref on sen fou , tou sa pr dire ke je ne laisserai jamais kelkun la critiker lol elle est vraimen tro belle cette femme et surtou kelle voix !!!!!!!! 7octaves !!! vraimen une voix très puissante:

Maxime - 28.02.06 à 08:37 - # - -

pffff et moi comme une idiote je t'ai cru !!!! jusqu'a ce que je clique sur play ..... RIDICULE! mais vraiment, ce "cri" est insuportable à ecouter, contrairement à ceux demariah, qui eux font meme du bruit aux oreille ..
a coté de la plaque encore mais bon c'est marrant ton acharnement tu me fais bcp rire continu

Message - 28.02.06 à 09:41 - # - -

moi aussi chui tombé dans le panneau !! tu pourrais prevenir quand c'est un fake mdr en tout cas si mariah performs comme ça a un live un jour, les gens sont sourds indubitablement !!!

MARUKO - 02.03.06 à 01:32 - # - -


bin moi aussi je vien juste de tombé dans le panneau !! c'est vraiment mechant sur tt kel a une voi divine contrairement a ce machin insuportable !!

dangles - 29.04.06 à 07:29 - # - -


this is hysterical !:)

Message - 05.03.06 à 18:29 - # - -

very funny hope it was for real !!

lindsay Lohan Fan - 05.03.06 à 18:30 - # - -

Lien croisé

Fan Forum [dot] NET > Rozmowy o Mariah (i nie tylko), czyli Off Topic : " Kliknijcie na stronie na strzalke ponizej tekstu, a uslyszycie jak brzmialoby I Will Always Love You w wykonaniu Mariah "

Message - 07.03.06 à 07:14 - # - -

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