CULTURE MP3 - Toute la vidéographie de Madonna en une seule vidéo : The Sound Of Madonna | 72 vidéos en 26 ans de carrière {video}
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Toute la vidéographie de Madonna en une seule vidéo : The Sound Of Madonna | 72 vidéos en 26 ans de carrière {video}

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De 1982 à 2008, soit sur une période de 26 ans et 3 décennies, Madonna a multiplié les genres musicaux, les looks, les styles, les sons. Une artiste perpétuellement en devenir, jamais statique.
La reine incontestée de la pop s'offre à vous ici dans une vidéo rétrospective et chronologique de toutes ses vidéos, la reine de l'image et impératrice suprême de l'art de la vidéo.

The Most Complete Video Collection of Madonna as of April 7, 2008.

--DESCRIPTION: Madonna has been one of the most cutting edge artists of the past 25 years. Always breaking down the boundaries of social extremes, and pushing the envelope when it comes to making hit music. Even after 26 years Madonna continues to produce and come out with one smash hit after another., showing that even as she ages she can stay young and in style better then most at any age. Here's to hoping Madonna has many more albums and countless more hits to make and produce for years to come.

--ORDER: Chronological by video release date

--NOTE 1: This is NOT a remix, this is a video history. I repeat this is NOT a remix.

--NOTE 2: These videos are not easy to compile, errors do happen, the best has been done to make these videos as accurate as possible. There were lots of research for these compilations, and the names, titles, and dates are very accurate.


(VIDEO DATES refer to the VIDEO RELEASE, not the Song, Radio, or Album release)

2008: 4 Minutes w/Justin Timberlake
2007: Hey You (Live)
2007: Get Together (Original Version)
2007: Ray of Light (The Confessions Tour)
2007: Jump (The Confessions Tour)
2006: Jump
2006: Get together
2006: Technorati
2005: Hung Up
2004: Bedtime Story (Re-Invention Tour)
2003: Love Profusion
2003: Me Against The Music w/Britney Spears*
2003: Hollywood
2003: American Life
2002: Die another day
2001: Paradise (not for me)
2001: What It Feels Like For A Girl
2000: Don't Tell Me
2000: Music
2000: American Pie
1999: Beautiful Stranger
1999: Nothing Really Matters
1998: The Power of Good-Bye
1998: Drowned World (Substitute For Love)
1998: Ray Of Light
1998: Frozen
1997: Buenos Aires
1997: Another Suitcase In Another Hall
1997: Don't Cry For Me Argentina
1996: You Must Love Me
1996: Love Don't Live Here Anymore
1995: You'll See
1995: I Want You w/Massive Attack
1995: Human Nature
1995: Bedtime Story
1994: Take A Bow
1994: Secret
1994: I'll Remember
1993: Bye Bye Baby (The Girlie Show)
1993: Rain
1993: Fever
1993: Bad Girl
1992: Deeper & Deeper
1992: Erotica
1992: This Used To Be My Playground
1991: Holiday (Blond Ambition Tour)
1991: Like A Virgin (Blonde Ambition Tour)
1990: Justify My Love
1990: Vogue (MTV Music Awards)
1990: Hanky Panky (Blonde Ambition Tour)
1990: Vogue
1989: Dear Jessie
1989: Oh Father
1989: Cherish
1989: Express Yourself
1989: Like A Prayer
1987: Who's That Girl
1987: La Isla Bonita
1986: Open Your Heart
1986: True Blue
1986: Papa Don't Preach
1986: Live To Tell
1985: Gambler
1985: Dress You Up (Virgin Tour)
1985: Into The Groove
1985: Crazy For You
1985: Material Girl
1984: Like A Virgin
1984: Lucky Star
1984: Borderline
1983: Burning Up
1982: Everybody

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